Is haath de us haath le

Duniya ajaab bazaar hai, kuch jinsiyan ki sath le,
Neki ka badla nek hai , bad se badi ki baat le,
mewa khila, mewa mile, Phal phool le, phal path le,
Aaram de araam le, Dukh dard dey, aafat le

Khaljug nahi, karjug hai ye yan din ko dey aur raat le
kya khoob sauda naqdh hai is haath dey us haath le

jo chahe le chal is ghadi, sab jinsiyan taiyaar hai
aaraam mein aaraam hai, azaaar mein azaar hai
duniya na jaan isko miya darya ki ye majdaar hai
Auraon ka bedaa paar kar, tera bhi bedaa paar hai

Khaljug nahi, karjug hai ye yan din ko dey aur raat le
kya khoob sauda naqdh hai is haath dey us haath le

karjug jo kuch karna hai ab ye dam tou koi aan hai
nuksaan mein nuksaan hai ahsaan mein ahsaan hai
toumaath mein yahan taumath lagay toufan mein toufaan hai
Rahman ko Rahman hai Shaitaan ko shaitaan hai

Khaljug nahi, karjug hai ye yan din ko dey aur raat le
kya khoob sauda naqdh hai is haath dey us haath le

Apne nafey ke wastey mat aur ka nuksaan kar
tera bhi nuksaan hoyega is baat upar diyaan kar
khana jo kha tou dekh kar pani piye tou chaan kar
yan paun ko rak poonkh kar aur khauf se quzraan kar

Khaljug nahi, karjug hai ye yan din ko dey aur raat le
kya khoob sauda naqdh hai is haath dey us haath le

Ghaflaat ki ye jaagir nahi yan sahib-e-idraak reh
dilshad rak, dil shaad reh gham nak rak, gham nak reh
har haal mein tu bhi Nazeer ab har khadaam ki khaq reh
ye wo maakhaam hai O miyan…. yan pak reh be-baq reh

Khaljug nahi, karjug hai ye yan din ko dey aur raat le
kya khoob sauda naqdh hai is haath dey us haath le

The wedding day

Disclaimer: This article is just for fun, people who are sensitive to others sayings or advises, should avoid reading this article, and anyone who is going to change his any plan or thinking then we will not be responsible for that.

This article is dedicated to this generation’s going to be married guys and married guys because people of previous generation was much better 🙂
This is your privacy when you enjoy in your room or when you don’t want to talk to with anyone, but it is only till you are not married, so the wedding day is the day when you lose your freedom, lose your privacy, or may be lose yourself 😐 . But still this is the day people still wait for and spend so much on that day, don’t know why?? . People spend so much on that day because that they can’t resist from being married but they actually started thinking that after this day this money is of their no use. They either think that after marriage they need much more money than current wealth so this one is of no use, or some wise people understand that if they are losing their happy,private and free life then what is point in keeping money, after all life is more important. :O

Well those wise people are less in world so most people are confused. Many people thinks that they are going to get their princess, so their life is going to be a fairy tail where every thing is good. At least there is love. But, reality is far away from fairy tail. They get the princess, which actually live in their dreams, and they assume that in their bride. So in first week, whatever they experience in their real life they think it like a bad dream and start dreaming thinking that they are with their princess. They started realizing things after first week, and after that…. They are poor people, who don’t even understand what they understand :< who don’t know what to say to whom.. So just forgive them if you encountered such people and thanks God for your good life and enjoy and utilize it un-till you get married 😉

General things to keep in mind while recruiting

While doing recruitment, here are general things , that hiring person should have in mind. This list don’t include any specialized skill , just general things to have in mind while hiring someone. One can use it as a checklist.

  • Check the interest of candidate
  • Check whether candidate is interested in your current work or you have something to offer him in future
  • Understand why (s)he want to do this particular job
  • Have a balance between standard technologies as well as your required skills and hire with that balanced mind
  • Communication skills cannot be fully ignore but if candidate can’t convey something then may be that can work in many jobs but if cannot understand then it is a serious problem
  • Ask how someone get into this particular field, to understand level of interest or experience e.t.c.
  • Never depend on some particular assignment to hire someone, as it is not a good criteria, there are many other things that matters, one particular assignment can be helpful in judging someone but it can be tricky too
  • Check the evaluation of candidate that how he evaluate things, what is big for him, if (s)he rate himself 8/10 in something then check what his 8/10 actually means and what it is in comparison to your rating, for example, if someone rate him/her self as 8/10 in web development then ask him/her questions and try to judge that what actually (s)he knows, and this will let you know that what his/her 8/10 means.
  • Before hiring , please check if you are giong to hire a person whose level match the level of work he is going to perform. If a person can’t do a job obviously you will not hire him, but also check if you have the challenging and interesting work for the brilliant person you are hiring, if it will not be then such work for such person will be spreading demotivation. That will be bad for both that candidate as an employee and your organization as you will not be able to utilize him/her properly
  • If you believe in rational thinking then why not think that why a person is here for a job. There can be mostly 2 type of reason for a job, either need or interest. So hiring manager should recognize that reason. However, there can be sometime people who if start job then only work as they think it their responsibility