Import larger SQL files into MySQL

Larger SQL files can be imported into MySQL using different ways. I am listing 3 common ways here. Using PHPMyAdmin by increasing upload_max_filesize: Most  commonly used tool for MySQL is PHPMyAdmin but problem is that PHP have upload file size limit so files larger than that can’t be uploaded but in PHP Configuration file (php.ini), … Read more

Installing LAMP on cloud instance of Ubuntu

To setup basic LAMP server on your AWS or other cloud instance, you need to connect via SSH and need to do following things which are basically related to setup lamp environment on ubuntu (Linux), for other linux distributions commands can vary:   update ubuntu by executing: sudo apt-get update   Then install apache using … Read more

Decide your way

Life is not a bed of roses Neither full of thorns We all know and understand this well, so we try to make our lives by working hard first in school, then some of us moved to college, some can’t afford it, some go to university while some have responsibilities to fulfill. It is not … Read more

Apps Teller

In last few months, we saw many websites giving suggestions for different things, telling how to tips of different things, some telling news updates of IT industry. Some with top 10 charts in different industries. So we thought that for mobile Applications and smart phone users should have a platform from where users can read … Read more

Is haath de us haath le

Duniya ajaab bazaar hai, kuch jinsiyan ki sath le, Neki ka badla nek hai , bad se badi ki baat le, mewa khila, mewa mile, Phal phool le, phal path le, Aaram de araam le, Dukh dard dey, aafat le Khaljug nahi, karjug hai ye yan din ko dey aur raat le kya khoob sauda … Read more

The wedding day

Disclaimer: This article is just for fun, people who are sensitive to others sayings or advises, should avoid reading this article, and anyone who is going to change his any plan or thinking then we will not be responsible for that. This article is dedicated to this generation’s going to be married guys and married … Read more

General things to keep in mind while recruiting

While doing recruitment, here are general things , that hiring person should have in mind. This list don’t include any specialized skill , just general things to have in mind while hiring someone. One can use it as a checklist. Check the interest of candidate Check whether candidate is interested in your current work or … Read more