Organizing Your React application

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  • Organizing Your React application

In Part 1 of the two-part series by Carlos Santana Roldan, you learned how to create your React component. Now, in this Part 2 of the series, you’ll learn how to organize your React application. The author of the article, Carlos Santana Roldan, is the founder of Codejobs and a React Technical Lead at Disney ABC Television Group.

Organizing your React application

You can create React components with the default structure that create-react-app provides, but in this article, you’ll see a better way to organize the project so that you are ready for when the application grows.

  1. You need to create a new React app (check Part 1 of this series if you haven’t created a React app yet).
  2. Currently, your React application directory tree looks like this:

  1. Now, create src/components and src/shared directories.
  2. After this, create the src/components/Home directory for your component and move Home.js into this folder.
  3. The App.js file stays at the src/components level.
  4. Also, App.css and App.test.js will stay at the src/components level.
  5. Move the logo.svg file to src/shared/images.
  6. Your index.js will stay at the src/ level.
  7. Now your directory tree should look like this:

It is highly recommended that you create another directory for shared components, src/shared/components. In the App.js file, change the logo and Home imports:

import logo from '../shared/images/logo.svg';
import Home from './Home/Home';

File: src/components/App.js

  1. After you changed this, you need to open index.js and fix the import path for the App component:

import App from './components/App';

File: src/index.js

This new structure will give you more flexibility to group your React components smartly. With this new structure, you’ll be able to create sub-components if you need them, and this is very important when developing complex applications with React.

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