Good resources for learning Javascript

JavaScript is a widely used, amazing and misunderstood language by many developers. Its different concepts make it difficult for programmers coming from other languages. Here I am not going to explain different concepts but telling different resources learn JS (JavaScript).

Knowing basics of JS in browser (For Beginners):

If you are just a starter, who know some other language and want to quickly go through basics of Javascript, then quickest and basic way to do is to go through JS tutorials on W3Schools:

Understanding JS Beyond Basics:

Although W3Schools is good for beginning JS, however if you want to understand beyond basics, then there are couple of good books written on JavasScript. So here are two books I recommend for Learning Javascript:

Eloquent JavaScript:

Eloquent JavaScript is very recommended book for almost every one trying to learn JavaScript as a language not just a way to do some basic things in browser (W3Schools is already there for that purpose). It is very well written and suitable for most of people. Although it is easy to start with but it is not just basic, it also contains significant detail. This book is not just about language only but also covers different concepts for new comers. So even if you are new to programming, this book is awesome choice. Get it from Amazon.

If you are not intending to buy Paperback and interested in free online reading or PDF edition then get that from here:

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers:

This was the book from where I started understanding JavaScript. It is not just focused only on JavaScript as a language but also other things that you should know as a web developer. Also similar to Eloquent JavaScript, this book is easy to follow for beginners as well. Get it from Amazon.

Although I found these 2 books amazing for people who have basic JS knowledge but want to understand more, but there are many people who prefer videos instead of books, so in that case you can probably find something helpful on, however for developers with basic JS knowledge who want to improve, my recommendation goes with above mentioned books.

Advanced JavaScript:

By Advanced JavaScript, I mean something that experienced developers are interested in. Due to JavaScript’s different nature, many experienced developers face trouble understanding JavaScript in depth.

JavaScript Good Parts:

When it comes to understanding Javascript in depth, then there is an awesome book “JavaScript the Good Parts” written by Douglas Crockford

This book is sort of must read, if JavaScript is something that you are going to do seriously in future. You can get it from Amazon.

If you don’t like reading books, then good news is that on Frontend masters, there are courses by Douglas Crockford named as “JavaScript the Good Parts” and “The Good Parts of JavaScript and the Web”, so you can watch them there as well, however I personally don’t think that whole book can be gathered in those video courses.

Advanced JavaScript by Kyle Simpson:

Another awesome advanced level video training course on Javascript is Advanced JavaScript by Kyle Simpson, available on as well as on

Next JavaScript books in my Wishlist:

This is not where it stops, if you want to know more about which JavaScript books are next in my wishlist, then you can check them here on amazon:

Free JavaScript Ebooks:

If you don’t want to buy anything and only looking for online or free PDF resources, then you can get many free JavaScript ebooks here:


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