Decide your way

Life is not a bed of roses
Neither full of thorns

We all know and understand this well, so we try to make our lives by working hard first in school, then some of us moved to college, some can’t afford it, some go to university while some have responsibilities to fulfill. It is not always us who can do what ever we want, when we want. But we always have is, the right to make decision, God has given us this right. Our these decisions can change our lives.

Some of us, in fact many of us who don’t want to waste our lives, run fast and faster nowadays towards earn money. While actually money and all that materialistic stuff doesn’t matter. What matters is our decisions, our courage to make decisions. Our decisions make our times, good , better, awesome and sometime very harsh. Still what important is to take decision, take responsibility of your life, take risk and move forward unless you don’t need to sacrifice Morality, self-respect and something other than you. Good and bad time can come to anyone, what matters is how well you live that time, that can make your upcoming time better.

What matters is what you want to do. Whether you are proceeding in life, or just wandering for earning more and more optional things which are not only things that matter. Nowadays when we go further we sacrifice what matters over just materialistic things. Even in business, what matters is your step towards your goals, not only money. In life you need to proceed. Need to cover milestones of life. Otherwise you will be standing where you are and time will not wait. However, milestones should be something that you like, it should be something that actually satisfy you. Because what make you successful is to fulfill your purpose of life. It is the way you want to live which gives you inner joy and peace because this decide who you really are.

These were some of my thoughts I shared here and I would like to see how others think. So let me know in comments, what you think?

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