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In last few months, we saw many websites giving suggestions for different things, telling how to tips of different things, some telling news updates of IT industry. Some with top 10 charts in different industries. So we thought that for mobile Applications and smart phone users should have a platform from where users can read new updates and articles about mobile Operating systems, where they can have how to tips sort of things, where they can read review of some very good mobile applications that deserve to be known. Obviously if this is mobile application and usage related thing, then there are top Applications lists and suggestions for different people, different genre and according to different usage separated by their Operating systems. For all this we have just launched . have focus on major smartphone Operating systems like Android and iOS while we also write about Windows OS and its Apps. But we are not limited to this we also intend to write about newer Operating System like Tizen and Ubuntu mobile and their Apps that we can suggest. AppsTeller suggestion is for different people which are based on different area or do different things in daily life or suggest applications for some event or whatever they think their different type of users need. For example , have suggested best android applications for students , applications which can help students accomplish their daily tasks. Similarly we also have suggested Apps for mangers , iOS apps which are good for doing fun with photos , and Apps for Travellers , for cooking lovers and for many others.
This is not only a platform for mobile app users but anyone who want to promote his/her app or want us to tell our users about their apps, are also welcome. For that purpose you can also contact me at kaasib [at] gmail [dot] com .

If there is anything you want to see in, then feel free to let me know. All suggestions are warmly welcome. Please don’t forget to comment and tell me what you think about and this post.

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